SSF 2022

PPSN 2022 Workshop on Data Science, Machine Learning and Optimization in Support of the Society of the Future

in conjunction with
The 17 th International Conference on Parallel Problem Solving from Nature (PPSN XVII) September 10-14, 2022 Dortmund, Germany


  • Prospective Titles and Authors of the Accepted Abstracts (Workshop Date: 11 September 2022)



  • Workshop Overview

    Our societies are facing arduous global challenges to sustain and develop our civilisations. The development of new dedicated Intelligent Decision-Support Systems (IDSSs) could help address such challenges. Such developments can benefit from the current capabilities to collect data at an unprecedented level and by the amalgamation of novel techniques from Data Science (DS), Machine Learning (ML), Multi-objective Optimisation (MOO) and Multi-criteria Decision-Analysis/Making (MCDA/MCDM). In this workshop, we aim to actively identify the challenges in developing and deploying IDSSs for the society of the future, and discuss potential avenues to tackle them, with a particular focus on helping the decision-making process of policymakers. We are interested in studies on the development and/or application of computational techniques in the context of societal challenges. The topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

    Call for Abstracts

    Topics of Interest: Abstracts are invited on substantial, interactive and published/unpublished research on all aspects. We welcome demonstrations and talks on any of the following topics of interest, but not limited to:

  • Search and identify satisficing strategies, and their trade-offs under competing objectives
  • Addressing uncertainty and time-varying data, predictions, and policies
  • Visualising trade-offs between competing objectives
  • Surrogate-assisted exploration of decision alternatives
  • Interactive exploration of decision alternatives
  • Challenges in legislation, and relevant mitigating approaches
  • Transfer learning and optimization: how can lessons from solving a problem can help solve another?
  • Multi-Criteria Decision-Analysis/Making (MCDA/MCDM) techniques for the development of IDSS
  • Dealing with practical costs of deploying solutions in the wild
  • Models of societies such as: compartments, networks, multilayer-networks
  • Societal Challenges
  • Effects of climate change (e.g., floods, landslides, desert expansion, survival of forests and of bio-diversity)
  • Public health (e.g., addressing the heath-economy dilemma of fighting a pandemic)
  • Issues of population growth and urbanization
  • Fighting poverty and supporting the development of underdeveloped countries
  • Sustainable resource development, infrastructure, and waste management
  • Addressing natural & man-made disasters (e.g., earthquakes, floods, landslides, tsunamis, wars & terrorism)

    • Submission Instructions:
      • We invite authors/participants to submit new ideas, positional statements, and reviews/summaries/comments/techniques on societal challenges.
      • Submissions should be in the form of extended abstracts (200-300 words abstract).
      • Please send your submission to:

    • Important Dates for Workshop:
      • Out Now: Call for Abstracts
      • July 31, 2022: Submission Deadline
      • August 15, 2022: Author Notification
      • September 11, 2022: SSF WorkShop Schedule
      • September 10-14, 2022: PPSN Conference
    • Important Note: The PPSN 2022 conference will be held “on-site” only. A hybrid format is not planned. In case of pandemic-caused restrictions, the event will be switched to a full online format.

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